Healthy Cooking Ingredient Essentials with Blonde Health & The Diet Kitchen!

Healthy Cooking Ingredient Essentials with Blonde Health & The Diet Kitchen!

Here’s a quick video that I filmed with Zanna from Blonde Health & Si from The Diet Kitchen about each of our top 3 COOKING INGREDIENT ESSENTIALS.. i.e. how to make healthy food from scratch taste good.. we really hope you enjoy it 🙂

P.S To see my top 10 personal “store-cupboard” essentials check out this blog post:


Zanna’s Channel:

Si’s Channel:

My Healthy Shopping List:

Mine & Zanna’s Healthy Baking Essentials:


Tuna & Feta Frittatas (with eggs!):

Black Bean Cookies (with kidney beans instead of black beans!):

Baked Eggs (with chopped tomatoes!):


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Bobsledism says:

You're so petite, it's adorable! I've been binge watching all your videos for the past few days and I love these collabs. I also never knew about garlic granules, I'm definitely going to get some today to save me the hassle in the future. Thanks for these videos, Nichola!

Glitter Nails says:

New subscriber. Very informative videos, thanks!

Sophie Sykes says:

Just seen you on BBC, really enjoyed watching you, Nichola, it was really informative!<333

Rachel White says:

Great idea for a video Nic, I love putting garlic in everything too 🙂 Have to admit my heart sank a bit at Si's mention of salt not being bad for you though! You should set him straight 😉 I think even if someone's not eating processed 'crap' you are still likely to be getting a fair amount of salt from staple foods like bread or cheese.

Mind Over Munch says:

Great suggestions! I also love garlic and onions!! Wish I were in the UK to collab with you guys!!! Maybe one day…

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