Healthy Cooking: White Bean Crostini

Healthy Cooking:  White Bean Crostini

Ali Occhialini shows users how to prepare a diet friendly appetizer, Garlic and Rosemary White Bean Crostini.

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Jason Forino says:

that looks like something they would serve at hufflepuff

keidai3 says:

why is she stirring with a fork?? i wonder how many frying pans she goes through

UglyMaleee says:

Is she Italian?

I Troll Idiots says:

Recipe was very tasty, thank you for the tios.
If you are seriously considering having a show,….Watch what you say.
"Um" in particular
And dont use metal forks in coated cooking pans.
Good luck and thanks again for a great recipe!

Mikhail New says:

Yeah she didn't clarify how much Teflon to scrape off into the bean paste.

Andrew Wilson says:

i love this video im such a girl

bombaclaat says:

ye G, but i wudnt mind gettin a blow job off her….

bombaclaat says:

lol, exactly….americans r fat muthafukers, all they r good for is supersizing their fries…fat bastards..

Simon Boyd says:

Yes, she is well worth watching! Check out my latest videos and rate them please!

konpeito krumbs says:

using the fork on the pan was hard to watch that is, sorry! i'm so hungry now.

konpeito krumbs says:

oh that was hard to watch. i was gritting my teeth. food looks yummy tho!

jose francisco adan ibarra says:

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Dangloria says:

the microwave too low.block the sight view of cooking food and also block the space of real cook.that's a foolish design.

jose francisco adan ibarra says:

Ei people check to mi brother play soccer! have 8yrs old its very good player nd is only one of the best & mi channel are update its amazing really click on my name

achampag says:

healthy living is my passion right now…i am also working on a co-op where i live, which is another passion….
i cannot believe you told someone to be quiet on YT, which is a public forum…lame….

kayBTR says:

Ali you are my new best friend! I love this recipe and the way you keep it simple

ei2232 says:

Wow! Cute and can cook…

bombaclaat says:

me 2 yea. i wud fuk dis bytch hard from behind while she cookin

bombaclaat says:

u know u jus wanna fuk her hard up da ass…

jay agacid says:

alright, its great and all, but the only gripe i can think of on this video, is the constant question mark type of description in the end, it bugs the hell out of me…why do you have to talk like that, thats the only thing, Its great and all, I really like it, thats my only gripe and it just sounds unprofessional. gj though

Lioninthenight says:

She has a very pleasant personality.

Ben Sargent says:

The Chowder Surfer is at it again…This time its not Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard…Its Yankee Stadium with his NE Clam Chowdah! Free to Sox fans and not even available to Yankee fans. Good Luck Chowdah!

achampag says:

i do think this is a good recipe. i just think it could be healthier. maybe you should do a few vids that show how a few basic things could be made without much trouble at home. bulk bins can certainly be your friend on a budget, whether organic or not =)

achampag says:

i sub to you and i really like some of your workout vids…i even plan do to the one of the routines. but not much in this life that is beneficial and/or important is convenient and easy. sorry. our health should be worth careful consideration. of course once you start baking your own bread and boiling your own produce things can get easier…

Ben Sargent says:

Yah MV cooking! I'll be up there in a few weeks to cook a chowder…Do you live on the Vineyard? -b

DietHealth says:

If you have the time and believe that using canned products are harmful then boil and prepare them yourself. We are just trying to make eating right something that is convenient and easy.

achampag says:

as for budget….i used to know exactly what was cheaper where, krogers vs walmart, for example. now i know what is cheaper at which health food store or organic market. plus, some stores list their sales online….so with a little planning eating right can be done on a tight budget..

achampag says:

thank you! yes, everything in moderation, i agree, including fretting over food! i just want others to know there are better choices. the wool regarding food needs to be pulled from these peoples eyes…most of them have no idea what they have been eating or what it will eventually cost them physically and/or financially…..

ShaneM686 says:

She wasn't being rude, while you definitely are. Achampag definitely has some idea about what she is saying… although perhaps somewhat over the top… still makes a good point. I try to buy fresh/organic as much as possible… but there comes to a point of deminishing returns from your money and possible health side affects.

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