Healthy Cooking with the Mathews | Jenni & Roger: Domesticated

Healthy Cooking with the Mathews | Jenni & Roger: Domesticated

Jenni and Roger try to eat as healthy as possible at home. Jenni would love her family to be vegetarians, but Roger isn’t quite on board, so Jenni decides to have some friends over from their local cafe, ‘Ocean Organics,’ to teach her and Meilani some tasty recipes. Watch to see if Roger is fooled by these tasty meatless options when he arrives home from work.

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burn backpak says:

Why is Rogers face so red?

Jaime Beth says:

I don't mind people who choose to be vegan or vegetarian. What bothers me are the ones who try and force it on others. They wouldn't start eating meat because their spouse does or wants them to, so why should it be the opposite? Why should someone stop eating meat because a vegetarian says so?

Tessy Thomas says:

Jenny is all your hair real? I love it! and would love love if my hair looked like that. you're babies are beautiful!

Julia Sawyer says:

I love you jenni! You are my role model!you are amazing!!!!!you are the best mom ever!
My mini is just like meilani…really! And we need to eat glutenfree bc we have zöliakie and i am vegan.i try that my mini eats and likes healthy food.not only bc it is healthy also bc to save yr plantet! Great that you prefer that kind of diet too!!!and show it!!!
Love you and yr hole family

Yas Hussein says:

They need a show !!! MTV where you at !! Would Rather be watching this then the kardashians


Plant based diets cure erectile dysfunction…

NormalGorl says:

YUUUUUM. my fave family trying to go veg??? I love it. I went veg over a year ago and it's so easy.

Jessica Carter says:

Where can I get those recipes for what you guys at? Recently gone vegetarian and hopefully one day vegan, it’s amazing how much I feel better and the amazing feeling of the reason why I changed. Jenni you are awesome. ❤️

*NZ Maori* says:

I wish these were longer

Sarah Beaver says:

Such an entertaining show! Love how you're trying to go plant based too! It's one of the (if not the) most sustainable ways to eat! Meat is a nutrient dense food but you need to make sure it's in moderation, that's all! The problem lies in over-production and over-consumption! I preach for full plant based but if you're truly set in your meat eating ways, cutting down will definitely help your health and the environment! 🙂

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