How to Cook Vegetables : Preparing Asparagus for Healthy Cooking Recipes

How to Cook Vegetables : Preparing Asparagus for Healthy Cooking Recipes

Learn how to prepare asparagus and what to add for flavor to asparagus in this free how-to video on cooking with vegetables and healthy recipes.

Expert: Louis Ortiz
Bio: Louis Ortiz is a professional chef instructor at a culinary institute. He has been working in the culinary industry for 10 years.
Filmmaker: EV studios



Jared Highlands says:

Can't eat the skin if boiled

Lucas Rock says:

No Need to cut, and DON'T peel!! Just break off the end and saute for 5 mins in a skillet, like in a broth or water. I added some chopped garlic and red onions which I sauteed separately with a bit of oil, just lightly. Toss it all together and add pepper and salt to taste. Delicious and Nutritous!!

Mia Valdivieso says:

wonderful tip…thank you

aishwarya kumar says:

very helpful

Warren Harding says:

very insightful; thank you for helping me in my quest of becoming an asparagus senseiĀ 

Ansul Singh says:

When i cooked first time, i threw out the spear part …………………………lol

holems cecil m says:

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XwXCatwomanXwX says:

Thanks for the tip! I will do it today.

Ravenex2 says:

I love how the idiots on youtube try to knock somebody who is creating content, instead of putting up videos of how to prepare asparagus the "right" way. lol

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