Titanium Chopsticks 9 Inch UltraLight 12.6 g Healthy and Eco-Friendly Reusable for Camping Picnic Travel

Titanium Chopsticks 9 Inch UltraLight 12.6 g Healthy and Eco-Friendly Reusable for Camping Picnic Travel

They are so classy, you can literally use them anywhere.

– Use them at your dinner table at home, you wouldn’t mind to flaunt these to your guests.
– Take them to picnic or camping.
– Put these in your backpack when Travelling to another city or country.
– Take them to your favorite Sushi Restaurant.
– Easy to store them at your desk in office.
– Carry them to even College or School.
These chopsticks are better than any other chopsticks, their textured finish is absolutely the best thing for picking up food of all kinds and they will not retain any residual food or odors. So don’t waste any more time, not just get the top chopsticks but let’s help reduce the carbon footprint and Save Trees!!!

Here are the 6 main characteristics of Titanium

– Healthy & Eco-Friendly: Titanium is non hazardous, harmless and has compatibility with humans.
– Lightweight & High Strength: The density of titanium is higher than aluminium and lower than steel but yet it’s very lightweight.
– Bacteria & Corrosion Resistant: Titanium can Control the Growth of bacteria. A layer of dense solid titanium dioxide protect it from corrosion.
– It’s Low & High Temperature Resistant.
– It’s Good Heating & Healthy.
– DIshwasher Safe & Bacteria Inhibition.

Product Features

  • Material: 100% FDA Food Grade Chopsticks Titanium (Ti).Titanium alloy superior performance, no rust, acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature, light and high hardness, the product meets food safety standards.
  • Square Edged Design,Grip strength is stronger – it is very convenient for children and old people to clip vegetables, noodles, rice, Sushi,etc.
  • Anti-skid design – easily clip food into our bowl to avoid embarrassment.
  • Perfect and elegant design: cutlery design is simple and convenient, there is no complicated shape appearance. Shiny sleek lines, especially the edge touched by fingers smooth and secure. Stay comfortable without any rough or jagged edges or edges.High hardness, no deformation, solid structure.
  • Customer service: dear customers, please contact us with any questions. We will sincerely serve you and reply to you within 24 hours.



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