WHAT I EAT + DAY IN THE LIFE | Workout | Healthy Cooking | Christmas Prep

WHAT I EAT + DAY IN THE LIFE | Workout | Healthy Cooking | Christmas Prep


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Bianca Kartus says:

Can you write down the recipe for that salmon salad in your description or on here? Looks so good! x

Nala 305 says:

much love from the UK! we have 5 inches of snow here…

Faith Bartelse says:

I dont know how i could eat healthy. I hate the taste off coconut i hate te taste and smell off maca powder. I hate avocado's and i dislike broccoli and spinash asswell. I mix maca trough fruit smoothies sometimes because pms is crazy i want to try. Butt almost everything she puts in her food i honestly strongly dislike. I tried it all. I even bought the powders she raves about. But when the mixture hits my mouth i just have to spit it out. I dont know what to do.

Sierra Logan says:

I love you so much, literally my spirit animal <3 sending love from a Canadian living in England xxxx

Jan Kim says:

Can you do a video on how to satisfy insatiable hunger?

Harmony S. says:

If you weren't allergic to dairy, would you choose to consume it?

Ashley Eldridge says:

Hey! So I love your videos and have been watching them for a while. One of my favorite things about your channel is the smoothies you make! I’m a college student and I’ve had problems for a while with brain fog and staying focused. Can you do a video on the best smoothies / smoothie bowls for that? Also, ive been wanting to slowly but surely start buying trapika powders but want to decide which ones I buy first based off the smoothies you make if you ever decide to do that video. I’d really appreciate it! Again, love your channel!

Samantha Veitch says:

Hey Sarah! Love your content probably one of the only youtubers I actually watch consistently. I'd love if your discount codes could be used for gals from New Zealand – I purchase tropeaka products already and would love a discount ha x

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